Welcome to the PPU


The professional pilots’ union run by pilots for pilots.

The PPU launched in January 2013 and since then has grown to become the union that represents the overwhelming majority of pilots within Virgin Atlantic Airways.

For the moment, we are restricting our membership to pilots within Virgin Atlantic Airways. However, as you will see from our Mission Statement, it’s our aim to become the representative union for pilots across the UK industry, as the PPU grows and develops.

It’s important that we “get it right” for our members and that means controlling our growth and ensuring that our delivery meets or exceeds our members’ needs and expectations.

Thank you for your support; we’re delighted you’re coming aboard.

The PPU’s here for you.

At every stage of the planning and running of our union, our focus has been upon our members, first and foremost.

You’ll find us approachable, available, ready and more importantly, willing and able to act on your behalf

Please take a moment or two to check out this home page, our welcome videos and the rest of our website with its links to everything you’ll need to know to gain the most out of your membership of the PPU.

You’ll learn about our Board and our Task Groups – the colleagues who’ve stepped up to look after your needs as a professional pilot. You’ll also come to know the partners who are so important to the success and operation of the PPU. We’re lean, we’re efficient, well funded and we’re effective.

Please take a look at our Constitution, our Mission Statement and our FAQs section; you’ll quickly develop a feel for how we protect your interests.

Our structure is simple. The PPU’s designed for fast and effective member response and efficient action on behalf of our members. Our members operate globally 24/7/365 and so do we.

Our crisis line is open 24/7/365 to enable us to respond instantly to any member’s call for help when “down-route”.

We’re member-focussed and member-driven. Run by our members for our members.

You’ll find us honest and open in our dealings with both our members and airline employers.

Our members’ skills, experience and knowledge form a goldmine of resource for the PPU, and we’re already benefitting from many dedicated members’ contributions.

Please join us now.

Our strength is our membership. YOU.

The PPU, a 21st Century Union for 21st Century Pilots . Run by the members for the members.

Thank you.

The PPU Board

The PPU Mission Statement - 16 October 2012

  1. To fully represent and robustly support members of the PPU and to actively promote and augment professional pilots’ terms & conditions, pay, working
    environment and professional status.
  2. To be prepared to engage collectively to uphold the interests of its members.
  3. To work with Industry and Government to enhance:-

    a. Flight safety

    b. Environmentally sound industry practice

  4. To be the effective and recognised representative body for pilots of carriers throughout the industry.