2nd October 2017

The PPU is greatly saddened by the failure of Monarch Airlines and extends its deep concern for the employees and customers of Monarch.

The Government’s mobilisation of charter flights to recover the 110,000 customers already abroad is without precedent.

The pilots of Monarch have given considerable concessions in an attempt to do their part to ensure the continuing success of the operator and they could have done no more to support their airline. They flew the extra mile and are supreme and highly skilled professionals. As recent news events have confirmed, demand for their skills will be significant and global.

However, when an outdated and flawed airline business model faces a ruthlessly competitive market, the outcome is inevitable. The news, whilst a shock to many, has been impending for some time; Monarch recently had to offer ATOL protection for seat-only sales, an extremely unusual requirement and one of a number of indicators that it was in deep trouble.

It is too early to speculate about the future of the airline, but our hope is that its operations will be acquired by a competitor, with some of the biggest names in the industry already being cited as potential suitors.

Although a competitor may well take over the assets of Monarch this is, indeed, a devastating blow both professionally and personally for the employees who stand to lose not only their jobs but a lifetime of investment in their airline and their futures with it and the PPU and its professional pilot membership stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our colleagues of Monarch Airlines in this troubling time.