The PPU’s structure

The PPU’s structure is very simple.

We’re organised in to five Union Task Groups, each run by member-volunteers, appointed by the Board of the PPU.

The Union Task Groups each have a Board member report, who will then take the work of their respective Task Group to the Board for formulation in to policy, campaigns additional work for the Task Group, or for passing to another Task Group to develop.

The five Task Groups are:-

  1. Chair / Internal Structure, Government & International Affilliation: Will Scott
  2. Vice Chair / Schedule, Safety, Technical & Training: Roy Wheatley
  3. Members Welfare & Benefits: David Williams
  4. Website Marketing, Comms and Campaigns: Glen Beresford
  5. Spokesperson: Stephen Johnson
  6. International Affiliations: Bart Butts

We then have Company Task Groups. Members of these Company Task Groups act as the members’ representatives in any given company in which the PPU has a presence, recognised or not.

The members of the Company Task Groups are elected by a ballot of the members.

Company Task Groups will operate Company Sub-Task Groups to provide essential, company specific work to feed up to the Company Task Group itself.

In any given negotiation, the entire structure of the PPU will be at the call of any Company Task Group, and before any negotiation with a company takes place, all Company Task Groups will receive thorough training in negotiating skills and financial report analysis, in addition to other skill-set training relevant to their role.

Members of the Campaigns, Members’ Welfare & Benefits Task Group will receive legal training in employment law, HR and member D&G representation. We aim to recruit a proportion of this Union Task Group’s members from members of the PPU who have formal legal qualifications.

It’s PPU policy to preserve the privacy of individual Union Task Group members.

Company Task Group members will, of course, have a very visible profile, as will PPU Board members.

The PPU Constitution gives the formal mechanism for the operation of this structure.


Appendix 2 PPU & Task Group Structure

Heads Board Member Board Member Board Member Board Member Board Member
Sub Tasks Safety, Scheduling,
Technical & Training (SST&T)
Website, Marketing, Comms & Campaigns(WMC&C) Internal Structure, Governmental
& International Affiliations (ISG&IA)
Finance & Budget (F&B) Members Welfare & Benefits (MW&B)
1 CAQ Website Constitution Union Book Keeping & Accounting Member Support D&G and Grievances
2 Industry Issues e-working Constitutional Review Union Budgets & Financial Planning Union & Members' Legal Protection Policies
3 FTLs & FRMS SEO Recognition Financial Analysis Members' T&Cs
4 Scheduling & Rostering Newsletters Staff Incentives & Benefits  Union Tax Efficiency Members' Pay
5 Aviation Security Members News Comms Staff Employment & HR Annual Return & Audit Tax Relief on Subs
6 Flight Safety Newsletter Advertising revenue Company Task Groups Investment Planning Member's LoL
7 Industry & Regulator Safety Agencies Affiliation Membership Build Union Election Financial Services Member & Union Discounts
8 Pro-Active Flight Safety Initiatives Union Organisational Comms (ecomms) Organisational Structure & Planning   Members' Medical Insurance
9   Forum Organisational Security   In-Feed from Other TGs
10   Member Joining Comms Operation of PPU Heartbeat   Salary Data Collation
11   Video & e-TV     24/7/365 Member Crisis Line Organisation & Administration
12   Comms Admin      
13   Campaign      
14   Media      


Initial Organisational Structure

Board / Task Group Heads
Company Task Groups
Task Groups
Company Sub-Task Groups