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    As pilots ourselves, we understand that the job can be physically and emotionally demanding

Executive Board

Captain Will Scott - Chair

Virgin Atlantic

Chair, Internal Structure, Government & International Affiliation & Finance & Benefits
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Captain Roy Wheatley - Vice Chair

Virgin Atlantic

Safety Scheduling Technical & Training

Captain Dave Williams 

Virgin Atlantic

Members Welfare & Benefits

Captain Glen Beresford 

Virgin Atlantic

Website Marketing, Comms & Campaigns / Secretary

Volunteer Appointees 

Steve Johnson


Bart Buts

International Affiliations


Andy Slater

Jon Clancy



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The sight of a drone in our skies has become quite common in recent years. And, while they offer great commercial and recreational benefit, they can also pose very serious dangers to aircraft.

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The Future for Pilots?

In a damning analysis on trends within the European aviation industry, an EU report titled Atypical Employment in Aviation, gives us a vision of what the future might be like for pilots, crew members and passengers.

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