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August 02, 2018

Contaminated air – recent studies highlighted

We are very clear in our stance on cabin air quality, aerotoxic syndrome and the potential impact from ultrafine particles (UFP) in bleed air. It is a very serious issue, and one that poses a potential threat to the wellbeing of our members, our passengers and ultimately, flight safety.

GCAQE’s newsletter (July 13) highlighted some very interesting facts, taken from recent studies, that we believe should not be ignored. Not least that of Byron Jones of Kansas State University, who concluded that: “The measurements showed that oil contamination in the compressor will result in a fog of very fine droplets in the bleed air under most operating conditions.”


Furthermore, Tristan Loraine identified a clear correlation between UFP levels and APU operation; you can view an overview in a short video Tristan has produced here.


Further studies and news updates on all matters relating to cabin air quality from the GCAQE can be seen here.