The Professional Pilots Union

As pilots ourselves, we
understand that the job can
be physically and
emotionally demanding

Executive Board

Captain Dave Mutty – Chairman

Virgin Atlantic 

After 18yrs service with the RAF in the role of Air to Air Refuelling, including a tour with the USAF as instructor Dave joined Virgin Atlantic in 2004 on the 747-400 and remains on the aircraft as a Captain. Dave joined the PPU in its early days and became a Board member a year ago.

Captain Helen Hoar – , Internal Structure, Government & International Affilliations

Virgin Atlantic 

After 12 years of training as a doctor then working as a trainee surgeon in the NHS, Helen changed course to become a commercial pilot. She worked for Aer Lingus, Go Fly then easyJet prior to joining Virgin Atlantic in 2004 on the B747-400, where she is now a Captain. Alongside her flying role, Helen has accumulated a wealth of experience as an AME for the CAA and FAA, including work in Dublin, at NATS and in a local GP practice. She is currently Chairman of the UK Association of Aviation Medical Examiners (AAME).

Captain Derek Haynes – Safety, Scheduling, Technical & Training

Virgin Atlantic 

Derek has a long flying career. In 1985 as a Lieutenant in the Barbados Defence Force, he trained at Canadian Forces Flying School in Portage La Prairie. From 1990 he has flown commercially with LIAT (1974) Ltd, Airtours International, DHL Air UK, and with Virgin Atlantic from 1999 and most recently from 2004 He is currently a Captain on the B787, has an MSc in Air Transport Management and is married with three sons.

Captain Alex Light – Finance & Budget
Virgin Atlantic
Alex joined the Fleet Air Arm in 1987 and spent 12 years flying and a variety of aircraft from Sea King anti- submarine helicopters to Jetstreams. This time included a variety of tours including one on the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible to the Far East. Latterly in his service career Alex instructed trainee Royal Navy pilots how to operate helicopters from warships. In 2000 Alex joined Air 2000, which became First Choice Airways, flying the A320/1 on charter routes from Bristol prior to joining Virgin Atlantic in 2005 on the A340. He is now a Captain on the 787.
Captain Nigel Stanyon – Members’ Welfare & Benefits

Virgin Atlantic

Nigel is a Captain on 787-9. He joined VA in 2001, prior to which he spent 17 years piloting Jumbos and seven years as HF instructor. He has a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering and worked for four years at British Aerospace on Airbus wing design, before commencing his flying career. Started at British Regional on Jetstreams, then four years on B757/767 at Britannia before moving to Virgin.

Volunteer Appointees

Bart Buts
International Affiliations
Peter Jones


Captain Andy Slater
Andy is a Computer Science graduate and flew predominately C-130 Hercules for the RAF after he graduated. He joined Virgin Atlantic in 2001and has flown every Virgin Airbus since. Initially flying the A340-300 as an FO, he gained his command on the A330 in 2013 and is now a Training Captain on the A350/A330. He has spent four years on the JRG in the early days of the PSA and joined the Trustees of the PPU in 2017.
Captain Jon Pugh
First officer at British Midland 1999-2004. Joined
Virgin Atlantic in 2005 on the Airbus and then
B787 fleets, where he is a Captain. A Master of
Laws from University of Nottingham and Master
of Science (Astrophysics) from Liverpool John
Moores University, he volunteers as an officer at
the Institute of Physics promoting STEM subject