The Professional Pilots Union

Empowering every pilot in
the UK to be heard and
influence change, working
towards a brighter, more
successful future

Our Story

The story of the PPU is simple and straightforward:
The PPU was created in direct response to the clearly stated need – from professional pilots throughout the airline industry – for a union that puts the member at the very centre of its being.

We are now the majority union within Virgin Atlantic Airways with a clear strategy to represent pilots from other airlines, which will strengthen our position within all airlines, including VAA.

The PPU policy is to participate in constructive engagement and negotiation with airline employers to achieve mutually acceptable negotiated settlements.

We want an airline industry that remains strong and profitable, without compromising the wellbeing of its pilots regarding pay, working conditions, and individuals rights and freedoms.

We are prepared to stand up for the rights of our members through collective action.

As an established union with a clear strategy, we are now looking at a bright, successful future where UK pilots have the voice they deserve and are capable of influencing change regarding a wide range of issues.

We guarantee we will, at all times, put pilots first.

Our Mission

  • PPU-icon-rev To fully represent and robustly support members of the PPU, actively promoting and augmenting professional pilots' pay, working environment and professional status.
  • PPU-icon-rev To engage collectively, being prepared to uphold the interests of our members at all times.
  • PPU-icon-rev To work with Industry and Government to enhance flight safety and environmentally sound industry practice.
  • PPU-icon-rev To be the most effective and recognised representative body for pilots throughout the industry.