The Professional Pilots Union

Our Testimonials

We care about our members on a personal, local and national level. Read some of our testimonials below, to see how we have helped members during challenging times in their careers.
“After suffering a significant incident involving substantial damage to the aircraft in a country dealing with a natural disaster, landlines and Internet down, on Christmas day, I called the PPU Crisis Line. I was instantly reassured by the team and offered immediate first class legal assistance and advice. The support I received from the PPU throughout this challenging situation and beyond was unwavering and of the highest order.”
“I have never felt, at any time, that I could not just pick up the phone and seek advice or reassurance. Their access to respected experts in their field is, in my opinion, unparalleled.””
“From the moment my situation presented itself, the PPU were immediately available to me. They gave me incisive advice on how best to proceed in the first instance, and thereafter they have been with me every step of the way.”
“To be a member of any other union is, given my recent experience with The PPU, a risk that no rational person should take.”
“I have always paid my union fees slightly begrudgingly; I joined the PPU because I was so disappointed with BALPA but never really expected them to do anything for me. Any time I had reason to contact BALPA in the past, I was generally fobbed off; I assumed all Unions were the same.

The test of a great Union is to see how they act when you actually need them. I had to use the PPU to help me with a grievance at work. To be brutally honest, I didn’t have high hopes. Thankfully I was wrong.

The PPU was there for me constantly, even answering calls late at night. They provided me with timely, relevant and accurate advice. They sought the advice of a solicitor from the start, choosing to double check any advice. The PPU arranged direct access to the solicitor which meant I didn’t need to wait for someone to get off a trip before I got my answer!

I was accompanied to every meeting and a PPU Union Representative was very knowledgeable about my case on every occasion.

The PPU and its board complement each other well. They have a vast knowledge of the aviation industry and the law surrounding it. They are measured, rational individuals who would not offer unsolicited advice. They may be small but they most definitely pack a punch!

Hands down, the PPU are the best pilot’s Union out there. I can’t recommend them enough.”
The PPU supported the individual after they had been charged and then arrested while away on travel with staff. The PPU kept in regular contact with him while he awaited his trial, who was eventually proved to be in the right when the case was dismissed by the judge.
Both individuals had experienced long periods of time off sick, after which they were left short of their entitled leave. By incorrectly applying their rules around standard statutory sickness, VAA deducted too many days of from their accrued total of annual leave. Thankfully, on both occasions, the PPU was able to act on behalf of each member to ensure correct policy was followed, and lost leave was reinstated.