The Professional Pilots Union

The PPU is different. It is
different because it is
independent and the only
union that is solely focussed
upon member outcomes
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Join Us: The PPU is your union

The PPU is an independent union run by pilots, for pilots – free from any legacy ties to airlines.

We have a genuine understanding of the real issues that face those in our profession. We are an alternative union which looks to create a better future for everyone in the airline industry, starting with you, the pilots.
What does this mean for you personally?
We are an organisation with integrity at its heart. With the support of our fellow pilots, we hope to achieve greater protection of both your career, and of your right to be treated fairly.

We want better rostering practices that will actively improve the wellbeing and efficiency of every airline workforce – helping to reduce stress, improve wellbeing, and ensure that your profession is one treated with appropriate dignity, care and respect.
What does this mean for you locally?
We are determined to achieve strong individual representation for our members, and address the real issues affecting those in the airline industry. We listen to our members and provide them with a platform to influence change and have their voices heard.

We draw from the active participation of our members to identify the problems affecting individual pilots on a personal level, and work to actively confront them.
What does this mean for you nationally?
The PPU was created in order to put pilots first. On a national level, we work towards this by lobbying regulators, government and other official industry bodies in order to protect the health and welfare of every individual pilot.

We also aim to improve working practices that will facilitate greater passenger safety, as well as protect our members from the threat of deregulation.
What makes the PPU different from any other union?
From cadets to captains, we strive to achieve better working conditions, reducing stress and improving the wellbeing of individual pilots.

We stand to represent what is right for you and your future within the aviation industry.