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    With the PPU it’s pilots first – always. No other union can claim this ethos

Benefits of joining the PPU

We are an independent union, created by pilots, for pilots.

Being free from any legacy ties to airlines means we can act within your best interests at all times. We are determined to achieve a stronger more profitable airline industry, that doesn't come at the expense of its members' pay, health and individual freedoms.


What does the PPU offer you?

A new union for a new century of aviation

We are a forward-thinking union, created to deal with the challenges that face our profession both now and in the future.

We are run by pilots, for pilots. As such, we support our members on the challenges and issues that impact them directly. No other pilot union in the UK can, or will, do this.

The PPU is structured to minimise cost – we don’t have office buildings to maintain, or an expensive pension fund. We understand the challenges faced by a modern, remote workforce and our systems are designed to support this.

We are democratic

Our members get to vote on all potential changes to their terms and conditions.


Legal cover

Legal cover with the PPU is not at the discretion of an NEC. With the PPU you have two choices of cover when you sign up, this is in addition to £2,500 emergency cover for legal assistance should you be involved in an incident or accident.


We are moderate, but we will reasonably and robustly defend your terms and conditions.

Members Support

We are able to assist a number of members transfer to the Long Term Sick list, apply for Loss of Licence compensation, and transfer to the Income Protection Scheme.

24/7/365 crisis line

With the PPU, you get worldwide support at any time of day or night. With insurance and legal services through to online discussion forums and regular drop in sessions and webinars, the PPU is always here to support and listen to its members.

Value for money

We are a union with few overheads so all members fees are used wisely. Our members’ careers and lifestyle are important to us, so we don’t charge a portion of your salary.  You pay for your membership fee and chosen legal cover.

Government recognised

We are an independent trade union, recognised by the UK Government.

Legal & Crises

As a member of the PPU, you will receive full support on any grievance, legal issue or crisis. We have negotiated a bespoke Group Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance policy, via the PPU, for our members.

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What does our membership offer you?

In a word – protection. We represent what is right for you and your future, personally, locally and nationally.

Unrivalled personal insurance

PPU-icon £125,000 or £250,000 per claim worldwide (including the USA) cover. The level of cover provided will depend upon the member's own choice.

PPU-icon £2,500 guaranteed "emergency cover" to allow members to immediately gain access to legal help during the initial stages of a legal incident.

PPU-icon With the PPU policy, notification to insurers does not have to be in writing in the first instance. If necessary, the PPU Crisis Response Team will advise the insurer of your case following your contact with the Crisis Line staff. 

Legal Representation

PPU-icon PPU members are entitled to be represented by their chosen union, whether recognised or not.

PPU-icon PPU representatives are fully credited, with an impressive record of successfully representing our members in disputes that can arise from disciplinaries and grievances. 

Following your call, our 24/7 Crisis Line staff will:

PPU-icon Email the PPU Crisis Response Team.

PPU-icon Contact the PPU Crisis Response Team members (from the Members' Welfare & Benefits Task Group), who will then take "ownership" of your case.


The PPU Crisis Response Team will:

PPU-icon Call you for further information and advise as required.

PPU-icon If necessary, they will also contact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Crisis Line, seek legal advice, and contact insurers on your behalf.

The PPU Group Policy also covers members for:

PPU-icon Representation at statutory, private and/or public enquiries.

PPU-icon Employment disputes.

PPU-icon Personal Injury claims against third parties.

Full details are contained in the Group Commercial Legal Expenses Insurances Policy found on the sign-up page here.

Included in the Legal Expenses Insurances Policy cover is a 24/7 helpline for legal advice on personal matters.

Please note:

Currently, due to restrictions imposed by insurers, this policy only covers members who are domiciled in the EEA (including the UK). Insurers advise that they do not consider the CIs, IOM or Gibraltar to be in either the EEA or UK.

Please contact the PPU directly if these territorial restrictions affect you. 

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“From the moment my situation presented itself, the PPU were immediately available to me. They gave me incisive advice on how best to proceed in the first instance, and thereafter they have been with me every step of the way.”

“I have never felt, at any time, that I could not just pick up the phone and seek advice or reassurance. Their access to respected experts in their field is, in my opinion, unparalleled.”

 “To be a member of any other union is, given my recent experience with The PPU, a risk that no rational person should take.”.


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